READDY for 2020

"A grassroots campaign"

We are living in turbulent times. Political turmoil, skyrocketing debt, low wages; all these things seem to be ratcheting out of control, don't they? But all these problems we have seen many times before, they have showed up in history many times before. And the answers are in the books.

These are man-made problems not Natural ones. So even if the debt doubles or triples, it does not affect how much food can be grown from the Earth. Nature doesn't care if man exists or not. She will eventually create another lifeform if we destroy this world, if she so does desire, which may or may not benefit from witnessing our this Planet or another. But it might be us, as a species, the ones interested in our survival in this Planet.

Just because I referred to some of these problems as a man-made it does not mean that they shouldn't be dealt with appropriately. In fact, if we leave things the way they are we might be heading towards economic collapse.

My plan as President of the United States will focus on three areas of society that will help ensure that we can pass the torch to the next generation: Social Recovery, Existential Threats and Economic Stability.

Social Recovery

This area will focus on what society needs most to get her out of the slowdown in which it currently is. Most of the social ills that society has are rooted in the economy and if we are able to fix the economy we will be able to fix a lot.

I.       Economy

The easiest way to improve the economy in its current form is to increase wages. Anyone who knows anything about Economics knows that the economy is a cycle. That, ideally, salaries flow to employees from the employers and the employees in return spend their salaries on the products the companies build. Everybody is happy, the economy is moving. Studies prove that workers spend the majority of their salaries and merit increases on a monthly basis; putting that money to circulate back into the economy. Some people might argue: hey, if we increase the wages jobs will be shipped overseas. I'll tell you a couple of things: 1) I think they have gotten a head start on that. 2) If they want to leave this country: let them! If they want to leave the hottest market in the world, they can. There is no industry in the U.S. that cannot be replaced. For example Carrier, if they want to ship their plants overseas that's fine. Give me a group of recent college graduates and in an afternoon we'll have a design for a compressor, heat exchanger, nuclear power turbine or anything else that we might need. I'm an Aerospace Engineer, we'll do it. The government can seed fund the venture if need be. And if they do leave, every finished product that crosses our border will be taxed in direct proportion with its' finished state. Raw materials will be taxed less; finished goods will be taxed more. Food and medicine will be except. The finished goods will be taxed to the point to where it would make more sense to build them nationally than it would be to build them and ship them overseas. It's already getting close to that.

II.     Health Care

It would be impossible to move this society forward without addressing the elephant in the room. The U.S. spends about half of what it collects in tax revenues in healthcare related matters, that's a lot of money! Have you ever seen the benefits of this? So in a sense we are already paying for a health system underground. Add to this the amount of money that it is payed to private insurance and the amount of money in the health care system in this country is astronomical. Perhaps there is already enough money in the system for a single payer arrangement. Perhaps it just needs to be reformed. Perhaps $50 paper pill cups are the problem. Perhaps we just need to get more value for our money. My plan is to try to get Medicare, Medicaid and the Department of Veterans Affairs to synergize and use its enormous power of the purse to negotiate better prices and services with domestic or international suppliers.

It is beyond me how the most advanced country in the world with the richest treasure cannot make its healthcare system work for its people while other countries with less means, can. I think we can do better than that.

Existential Threats

I am here to ensure we get past the Uranium Barrier to become a Type I society:

I.       Uranium Barrier

"Although the recent collapse of the Soviet Union had made possible sweeping arms cuts, there are still close to 50,000 nuclear weapons, both tactical and strategic, in the world today, and with deadly accurate rockets to deliver them. Humanity had finally mastered the possibility of total annihilation.

If the missiles do not destroy everyone in the opening shots of a nuclear war, we can still look forward to the agonizing death caused by nuclear winter, during which the soot and ash from burning cities slowly chokes off all the life-giving sunlight. Computer studies have shown that as few as 100 megatons of explosives may generate enough fire storms in the cities to cloud the atmosphere significantly. As temperatures plummet, corps fail, and cities freeze over, the last vestiges of civilization will be snuffed out like a candle." "Hyperspace", Michio Kaku, 1994.

"The challenge to our civilization which has come from our knowledge of the cosmic energies that fuel the stars, the movement of light and electrons through matter, the intricate molecular order which is the biological basis of life, must be met by the creation of a moral and political order which will accommodate these forces or we shall be destroyed. It will try our deepest resources of reason and compassion." Heintz Pagels.

I don't foresee a need for nuclear weapons utilization until the next change of power, no real reason exists right now. I hope one is not manufactured. But what about thereafter? I believe it is the desire of society for nuclear energy to be used for peaceful purposes only. As humans gain knowledge and wisdom, they can see the futility and waste of war. It will soon be a thing of the past. So peaceful use of nuclear energy should be the only use for nuclear energy or there should be no use of it at all.

II.     Ecological Disaster

Another risk that threatens humanities ability to live a healthy life in this planet is Industrial Waste.

I will introduce legislation on my first year in office to reduce, stop and control all types of industrial waste that would be toxic for humans or detrimental to nature.

Economic Stability

I.       Reduction, Reversal and Elimination of the National Debt.

One of the greatest impediments to our freedom is our National Debt. For some strange reason debt is returning as a form of human control from Medieval or Mediterranean times. Have we not learned better?

Getting rid of our Debt and the mechanism that controls it will be essential for the recovery of the United States.

We have to remember that we, collectively, have given the power of our purse to Congress. But it currently does not reside there and control should be returned to it. Right now the control of our financial system is in the hands of a semi-public/private organization that has provided mediocre results at best and continues to encorage debt. I think we can do better than this. It is time for a new beginning. This is a transition that can be done seamless and smoothly, without disturbances in our financial system. Unless some are manufactured, as in circa 1932, right before the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, but those types of acts can be better prosecuted now.

Servicing our debt tolls about 10% of our budget, it is something that can be reduced and eliminated and utilize that 10% for something else, like healthcare, social services or infrastructure.

But please note, that even if I am able to liberate about half a trillion from the budget, which I think it's possible, and the debt being at over 22 Trillion, at the time of this writing, (22 Trillion/1/2 Trillion = 44) it will take 44 years to pay it! But we must start now and stop adding to it.

II.     Federal Reserve Bank

From about that 10% of the U.S. budget that goes to service our debt, about 2-3% goes to the Federal Reserve Bank, which is not a Federal institution. 2-3% of our budget (currently $4.4 Trillion) is $88,000,000,000 - $132,000,000,000, this is a sum that could be used somewhere else.

We should nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank and return the power of its coin back to the American People, where it belongs, thru Congress. Some would argue that the Government can't/shouldn't go about seizing private property. But it does it all the time to the population. Go about driving around with a busted headlight and they might just end up impounding your car, true story. So seizing property is something the government does all the time, especially when such activity is deemed harmful to society. Especially when it can be argued that the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank was created under fraudulent and illegitimate reasons to begin with.

The transition can be made seamless, we will use the same currency we currently have, and even though it is labeled Federal Reserve Notes at the time, new notes can be phased in and replaced if need be. Remember, it is the optimism, ambition and perseverance of the American People that gives the dollar its worth, not a bank, not gold, not anything else; because who gives gold its' value if not the people? And I think we want it that way. I don't think is desirable for a Nation to go to another inert substance for its' worth. In a severe case of emergency you cannot grow or eat gold. What is gold or jewels worth in a famine? Therefore the only way to grow a Country's treasure would be to mine gold or acquire it from other nations. That's why I think we shouldn't go back to the gold standard, because it foments war in feeble minds. There are other, wiser, ways to measure worth/wealth but that is a conversation for another time.

I believe the monies paid to the Federal Reserve can be better used somewhere else. I think the U.S. can keep the stability of its coin on its own, without the Private Banks help, thru Congress, the way it was designed to be.

So these "turbulent" times can have solutions. The sun will shine again another day. Trust me, it will, whether humans will be in this planet or not.